Our job is to do the job that you are not supposed to be doing. As a business owner, your job is to decide. You are not in business to have a full-time job or worst. You are in business so that you get more time for your self and all the people that matter to you. Go out and have some fun! Let us help you get more customers.

Central Queensland IT Solution is an international website and software development company based in Central Queensland Australia. Our objective is to provide our customers with an affordable and professionally made website design and software. We also provide almost anything like a video for your business, logo, mobile apps, search engine optimization and many more.

CQIT Solution makes sure your website has all it needs. Because we just don’t do what you ask and want us to do. We provide a solution from start to finish.

CQIT Solution makes sure every small details is completed and all testing needed is done before submitting the finished project.

We believe that every question has answers…and every problem has solutions.. If you can explain it, we can build software or apps for your business, friends or even just for your self.