7 Secrets That Most Website Development Company Don’t Want You To Know

Website Development Company in AustraliaWhen it comes to getting a website development company to build website for your business or company, You head to internet in order to find genuine company. Today’s online market abounds in a number of website development companies claiming to offer excellent service and make tough to get an idea which one would be right to assign. They may introduce you their stunning and eye-catchy portfolio to grab the project, but everything cannot be decided by seeing only this. Since we are living in modern world and it has become essential to have knowledge before kicking off anything new. In order to add more knowledge, 7 secrets is being shared which make you smart.



There are many companies in this field who are quite new but showing wide experience in their portfolios to misguide the client. Do not believe what they have shown on their web portal or in the portfolio, it can be judged on basis of programming, colliding, development, design etc., when you call them for a personal interview.


Technical skill

The next thing which the newly formed companies can try to hide is technical knowledge. If you wish to give your project in genuine hand, you must pay focus on this factor. You may check out their technical skills by asking what type of solution they will recommend for your web project. Their answers will help you if they will cover your expectation or not.


Previous samples

You must ask them to show their previous work to review their samples. It will help to narrow down the quality of the website development company. You may ask them what kind of role they played in each sample. If feel satisfied then you may go ahead.


Hosting and maintenance

Having website is quite essential to get recognition on a large scale and it can be spoiled if you hire unethical web designers and developer. You must keep in mind that be it web hosting or maintenance, charge are not high. Be aware if they are misguiding you saying like that coding is essential for web hosting to upgrade CMS.



Gone are the days when the business stands for having office, employees since a new word has been added to it called “Web Portal” and makes you connected all across the world. A huge business can be fetched through website if it is designed and developed by the experienced website development company. And that is why you are allowed to ask openly about the experience of company whom you are going to hire.


How many times website development company will go through to do amendments? You must discuss before hiring. They will not let you know about it on their own. But if you wish to avoid any sorts of dilemma then you must consult what if you would not like created by them.

Business Model

Some companies go with business model which support and maintain while some believe in starting and ending project.

Having website help to gain more business and going to compromise with the quality of the website can affect your recognition too. And you must clear all the above mentioned point before hiring website development company. Central Queensland IT Solution is one of few website development company that believes that every website should be mobile friendly, SEO friendly and Google friendly. Most website development company only do what you ask them to do. If you ask them to build website for your business, they will only build website. Cqit Solution builds affordable website, a mobile friendly website, SEO friendly and google friendly all at the same price so you don’t need to spend a couple of bucks again.

10 Important Things You Need to Build Website

how to build websiteWebsite is very similar to a business that you have. When it comes to starting a website, it is necessary for you to get ready with certain things so that the whole idea of your website actually works. There are so many things connected with a website that makes it perfect to be handled. Understand each and everything well before you actually getting into website building and other things involved with a website.

1. Niche
The first thing that you should have is the idea on which you are going to build website. It is not a good idea to have some generalized website as they may not help in building the traffic as you think. There are chances for you to choose the kind of niche in which you are expert or you have interest on. Central Queensland IT Solution can help you with the research by using different tools that many website development company do not know about.

2. Knowledge on HTML or  Having Web Developer
It is necessary for you to have knowledge about the way you need to Build Website or else you should have a web developer. Some of the web hosts even provide you with tools to get the things done easily. It is good for you to understand what you actually need to do. CQ IT Solution makes sure that any HTML jobs are done so that there is nothing for you to worry about.

3. Content
It is always good for you to get ready with the content. The content needs to be prepared so that you can just use that when you are in need of it. You can actually prepare content and keep for it to be published once your website is launched. We can provide you if you do not have any contents like articles, high quality images, high definition videos and other type of files.

4. Domain Name
It is necessary for you to choose a domain name and buy that from the domain name providers. It can be really much useful to you so that your website get the traffic it is meant to get. We help business owners when registering the right domain name for your business.

5. Hosting Plan
It is necessary for you to choose a plan for hosting your website. There are so many web hosting providers who get that work done for you in much easier way. This can help you in actually hosting the website. CQIT Solution can provide you with the best web hosting plan with many benefits for your business.

6. Invest on Images
The multimedia part is something which can be of great favor to you. It is always good for you to invest some amount in images, videos or audios that are relevant to the niche that you have chosen. We provide high quality contents for an affordable price.

7. Integration with Social Media

The influence of social networking sites is much huge so you should have an account on  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube and other social media sites for promoting your website. Central Queensland IT Solution can help you with Social media account creation, and facebook campaign.

8. Good Knowledge on SEO
SEO  or Search Engine Optimization is the breath of your website and if you do not do proper SEO then your website can die in the sense the traffic to your website can be really much less than what you imagine. There are quite a lot of possibilities through which you can get the SEO implemented. We are SEO consultant, we have all the tools to help you with keyword research and SEO competition research.

9. Know Google Well
Google is the most popular search engines of this era and so it is good to spend sometime to know how google ranks the websites. We can help to run google adwords campaign for your business.

10. Know the Target Audience
It is always good for you to have prior idea of the audience whom you are aiming at. This can help you in getting what you actually need.