CQ IT Solution Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the Central Queensland IT Solution or CQ IT Solution or http://www.cqitsolution.com/. Through the CQITS member registration and use of website services, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service. Additionally, there are a range of special products and services under CQ IT Solution that may impose separate terms and conditions and even require a different set of registration procedures. User agreements and other legal agreements may vary depending on the specialized products and services or as indicated. In the event that you are using CQITS service or product that does not require separate agreement or procedures then the Terms and Services provided in this section will be applicable. Nonetheless, despite having a different set of terms and conditions, user agreement, terms of service or similar legal agreement, the following Terms and Conditions will still be applicable to that use of the product or service.

CQ IT Solution may provide additional provisions or rules to the Terms of Service and Use. CQ IT SOlution reserves the right to amend its Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The updated version of the Terms and Conditions will always be published in this page. Please review the following provisions. If you have any concerns or issues you may contact our support team.

CQ IT Solution may also avail third party services when it comes to monitoring user browsing sessions. CQITS may provide additional services from time to time given that it is covered by the terms of service of corresponding service partners. Because the Terms and Conditions hold legal obligations, it is important to read them carefully. Failure to follow will lead to termination of account and will be subject to additional legal liability.

Products and Services Description

CQITS offers or grants users access to a range of online applications and resources. These include interactive online services as well as personal web page hosting services. There are products and services under CQITS that may be supported by advertising allowing CQITS to offer them with no charge. Upon usage of these free services, the user agrees to CQ IT Solution in terms of advertisement display and other third party advertisements through such products and services. CQIT Solution also reserves the right to change its products and services from time to time without prior notice and for reasons deemed necessary by the company. It also reserves the right to terminate products and services or to modify the style, nature and form of advertisements that are advertised under its products and services section. Unless it is explicitly stated, any product or service of CQITS including the updates, changes and latest offerings shall be covered by the Terms of Service.


By using CQ IT Solution’s products and services, users agree, without qualification or limitation, to abide by the provisions of the Terms of service as they may be modified when deemed necessary.

Obligations upon Registration

There are specific products and services under CQ IT Solution which may require uses to provide information even personal data. In light of using the products and services of the country, you agree to: (1) provide accurate, genuine, updated and complete personal formation and other data as requested by the registration form (this may be referred to as Registration Data) and (2) uphold and regularly update the Registration Data. If the user provides information that is inaccurate, false or incomplete, Central Queensland IT Solution has reasonable grounds to conduct investigation and terminate the account upon verification.

Obligation to Minors

In cases where in the user authorized a minor to use the product and services of the company, the user recognizes that they are fully liable for: the online conduct of the specified minor, managing the access of the minor along with the use of the products and services, potential consequences of any misdemeanor committed by the minor.

Username and Password

After completion of the registration procedures, the user will be given a username and password. The confidentiality of the username and the password is under the responsibility of the user. In relation to this, the user should also agree to: immediately inform CQITS of illegal use of the account or breach of security in terms of password and username usage, ensure that the account is closed every conclusion of the session. CQITS will not be liable for any damage or loss due to the user’s inability to follow such requirements.


Users should acknowledge and agree that all data, information, text, sound, music software , video, graphics, chat, file, messages and similar files (classified as Content) regardless of being privately transmitted or publicly posted remains the sole liability of the user from which the such content came from. This means that the user, not CQITS, will bear the responsibility for content uploaded, posted, emailed, or transmitted through the products and services of the company. CQITS has no control over the content posted using its products and services after purchase or completion of transaction.


Central Queensland IT Solution does not warrant its products and services as error free. The warranty is made with respect to the quality and services of the product. CQ IT Solution is not liable for any loss or information upon deletion or misuse of the products of services as if the rights have already been transferred to the user or the purchase transaction has been complete. Any loss or damage on the end of the user because of their usage is not warranted under CQITS unless loss or damage of information was due to a malfunction or shortcoming in the product or service.

Limitations of Service

The products and services of CQITS may only be used according to their intended purpose in which the products and services were made for or made available. The products and services of CQITS may not be used in any of the following circumstances:

1. Post, upload or transmit any type of content that encourages or supports behavior that is harmful, illegal, abusive, defamatory, threatening, vulgar, invasive, obscene, racially or ethnically discriminating or any form objectionable.
2. Post, upload or transmit any type of content that exploits the rights of children under 18 years old. Any information personally identifying such children is also not allowed.
3. Post, upload or transmit content harmful to minors.
4. Associate the products and services of CQITS with adult material of any type. This includes but not limited to nudity or similar types of adult services content. Basically, any content suggesting the use of sexual or inappropriate acts.
5. Associate the products and services of CQITS promoting unhealthy lifestyle or health practice such as eating disorders like anorexia.
6. Associate the products and services of CQITS to child love content, materials or activities.
7. Associate the products and services of CQITS that promotes illegal distribution of copyrighted data and other similar materials.
8. Associate the products and services of CQITS with activities intended for deceit, false identity and fraudulent transactions.

Liability Limitation

This is to express that under no circumstances will Central Queensland IT Solution or CQ IT SOlution be liable to any user provided that the user is the one who misused the product or got engaged in such unlawful act. The limitation of liability will depend on applicable jurisdictions. It may not be applicable to certain users.